Agent Alerts

Highlight critical information for your agents

Alert Image

Do you have critical information your agents need to be made aware of when working with clients? Highlight that information for them on any object with easy to create rules.

  • Create alerts to highlight critical information on any of your records based on criteria on that record, parent records through lookup relationships, and even child records!
  • Administrators can create alerts with criteria that will look and feel familiar to them with the ability to create advanced criteria.
  • Works with Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities out of the box, but any object can be used by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code to a new Visualforce page and changing 1 single attribute to use on your own objects.
  • Works with Salseforce Classic and Lightning.

Do you have front line agents working with clients that could accidentally overlook important information that's buried in fields on the page or in child records that could be easily missed?

You can solve this problem by creating alerts on any object to highlight information when your agents are looking at a record.

You can create alerts for the current record the agents are looking at, or even for child records. For example an agent might be looking at an Account, but it might have a few Opportunities that need attention. You can highlight that information directly on an account alert and link directly to the Opportunities that need attention to make agent navigation easier.

Help your company reduce risk and even save agent time by reducing their need to dig for information by presenting what's most important right up front.

If you're interested in knowing more, you can check out the documentation pages.